Wisdoh: Unconventional wisdom acquired the hard way.

Let’s face it, we all find ourselves down and out once in a while. It’s a scary, lonely, and intimidating place.

Maybe you lost your job & money’s getting tight. Maybe you spend every day taking care of a sick family member or friend. Maybe YOU are the one whose sick, but there’s no one there to help you. You’ve got no food, medical insurance, or basic household necessities.

So now what?

  • Step one: Now we go against our basic instincts, swallow our pride, and convince ourselves to ask for help.
  • Step two: Try to find help.  We learn quickly that help doesn’t come easy and it usually doesn’t come free.
  • Step three: Head on down to DSS, SSA, DOL, or some other acronym for the lovely bureaucratic offices and say to ourselves, ‘How hard can it be to fill out a couple forms?’

And it’s just fine for the first 15 pages or so…. then it begins… formophobia. Your last name starts looking a little funky, your hand gets clammy and starts cramping up & your mouth gets dry. Finally, you have the sudden urge to make a fleet of paper airplanes and conquer the WORLD!

Ok, maybe the last one is just me, but you get the drift.

So that’s why we’re here today folks. The writer’s here at Everything CT have been there, researched that, and are willing to share the helpful hints they picked up along the way. If you have question’s on anything we don’t cover here, let us know and we’ll help you figure it out! So stick around, check in often, and hopefully we’ll help you through this!